What is the current use of this building????

We have been trying to get some news coverage of our attempt to bring attention to the Federal Building in the hopes of finding a way to restore it. Well, after 6 months of hard work by a very dedicated group of artists, and a very successful art opening at Tornado Gallery, the building did get mentioned in the local paper....

Sadly for those of us that put our hearts and souls into this project, the AJ got the facts wrong and made all of us look very foolish in the eyes of anyone who read the paper today (Sunday Oct. 12, 2008) Maybe part of that is our fault for not being clear here on this blog. We are not trying to restore a building that is currently in use....we are trying to save an obviously forgotten landmark.

Here are the facts about the CURRENT USE of the building at 800 Broadway:

It is CURRENTLY EMPTY with a leaky ceiling in the third floor courtroom and feral cats in the basement.

It is currently being used as a training facility for the Lubbock Police Swat Team

It is currently being used for storage of tax record books from the 1930's and earlier.

It is currently a forgotten Lubbock Landmark.
Being on the National Register of Historic Places does not save a building.
The community does.

The building has been empty for about 8 years so I feel that the Avalnche Journal owes an apology to us and to it's readers for not checking the facts.


Emily P. said...

Hi All:

I am currently a graduate student in Heritage Management at Texas Tech University. I am writing a preservation plan for the Couryhouse and Federal Post Office and am inquiring where you all obtained your information. Did you go any specific repositories or did you find everything online. Thank your for your time and great work!

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How is it going right now in October 2016?